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MaXi – Cargo Company does the specialist oversized transport.


For a long time we are among the leaders of the most thriving logistic and transport firms. Our Customers value us for our solidity, quality and time saving. The Company’s activity focuses mainly on the oversized and the abnormal transport. Moreover, we specialize in the low – chassis transport. Thanks to the long – standing experience and continuous aspiration to more and more better results, we created the high qualified fleet and collected the experienced staff.
We offer our service on the area of the whole European Union in the field of the wide range of heavy transport.

Oversized transport
  • Transport in the area of Europe
  • Pilotages
  • Permissions for journeys
  • Insurance of cargo
  • Adaptation of the road infrastructure on the journey time
  • Clearances
  • Technical support for preparing the commodity for transport


We do our activity for many years. Thanks to our experience we know that the oversized transport is not everything. This is the reason why we help our Customers in gathering necessary documents, we advice, organize the pilotage and we also provide logistics services and freight forwarding. We have many certificates of the quality of services provided by our company but the most important proof of our virtues is the amount of happy customers who often return to us. Our priorities, especially in the international transport, are the coherent communication and short lead times. It is possible thanks to cooperation of MAXI-Cargo company with many reputable firms, not only transport ones, in the whole Europe.

Transport realization
  • Long – standing experience
  • Modern equipment
  • The system which monitors where presently is a car with goods
  • Keeping on orders schedule


For several years, we have thriven on the market as a reliable and trustworthy transport company. We provide services of haulage of oversized and over-standard cargo, but also haulage with low-loader vehicles. When we wonder what is the determinant of the quality of our services – we bring to our mind numerous certificates and awards, but the best evidence is the satisfaction of our customers. We provide services of specialized transport of oversize cargo throughout all European Union countries. We guarantee professionalism and reliability. Several years of activity resulted in cooperation with numerous companies, so we can provide our customers with a consistent and timely transport

An indispensable advantage is our own specialized fleet. Thanks to that we provide a wide range of services, starting from transport of construction equipment, through construction elements, tanks, specialist machines and ending on boats, and OFF-SHORE constructions. The result of many years of practice is also a qualified and experienced personnel. Specialist transport involves a number of additional activities. We help our customers to prepare relevant documents and we carry out expert consultancy. Our company is equipped with specialist equipment for pilot activities. The most important issue during the transport of oversize cargo for our customers is safe execution of the order. It is the object of our increased interest. Therefore, all loads are insured.

Additional services

A fulfilment of the Customers’ needs in the range of the logistic solutions and the abnormal transport ones is the mission of MaXi – Cargo. We realize all projects in the fully professional way. pasją oraz w pełni profesjonalnie.

  • Honesty
  • Years of experience
  • The high level of services
  • Good manners
  • Very good work arrangement
  • Compliance with all applicable laws


This is our main guidelines in cooperation with our customers.

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A fulfilment of the Customers’ needs in the range of  the logistic solutions and the abnormal transport ones is the mission of MaXi – Cargo. We realize all projects in the fully professional way.


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Oversized Transport

The oversized transport is characterized by the transportation of the equipment of the high weight and large size. Only use of the special appliance can deal with a such required task. A suitable knowledge and big experience are needed here. Each oversized transport requires a careful analyze and arrangements. Our company with particular care and attention selects such equipment that it is adequate to the transported machine’s size.


Our specialists plan and select a suitable route which will allow for fast and safe transportation. Heavy – lift cargo is nothing else than transportation for our customers those things which they need in any place and time indicated by them. Each service is made professionally and with closing attention to the smallest details.

Transport realization
  • Construction machines
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Municipal machines
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Boats
  • Industrial installations
  • Steel structures
  • Tanks
Additional services
  • Pilot activities
  • Permits
  • Technical maintenance of vehicles
  • Technical assistance in the preparation of goods for transport
  • Checking, adaptation and reconstruction of road infrastructure for the time of transport
  • Transport of standard cargo

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