Low – chassis transport

The low – chassis transport is made with the use of the specialist, professional equipment, thanks to which each route is driven in a fast, efficient and safe way. We do the low – chassis transport for many years and thanks to it we have the solid position and an unblemished reputation among our customers who we were servicing. This is a service, thanks to which you can carry your cargo to each place in the whole Europe. We carry out national and international orders.

Our low – chassis trailers are the professional and solid equipment of reputable brands. Each of them is designed for the transport of even the most demanding loads. The low – chassis semi-trailer has a big capacity and it makes possible the transport of the very high appliances. Each order is carefully analyzed and prepared for the transport. The route is selected in terms of delivery of the cargo as fast as it is possible. The low – chassis transport in our company is dealt with specialists, so that each order is brought to perfection.