Oversized transport, heavy lift cargo

The oversized transport is characterized by the transportation of the equipment of the high mass and large size. Only use of the special appliance can deal with
a such required task. A suitable knowledge and big experience are needed here. Each oversized transport requires a careful analyze and arrangements. Our company with particular care and attention chooses such equipment that it is adequate to the transported machine’s size.
Our specialists plan and select a suitable route which will allow for fast and safe transportation. Heavy – lift cargo is nothing else than transportation for our customers those things which they need in any place and time indicated by them. Each service is made professionally and with closing attention to the smallest details.
We offer the oversized transport on the area of the whole Europe. Heavy equipment needs hard work but the transport of such equipment is our daily bread that is why so many customers trusted us in this field.


The oversized transport is strictly defined with the legal articles. It requires many rights and permissions. It is not enough to have the specialized equipment, you should also be familiar with the organisation principles of the oversize transport…


The mass and the size of the oversized transport cargo exceeds acceptable levels of the highways traffic. It means an extraordinary or non- normative transport. It requires the use of the special equipment, which is adapted for the carriage…